6 Tips for your first strip club visit in East St Louis Illinois


If you haven’t been to a strip club yet, we present 6 simple tips on what to expect, and what to do for your first strip club visit in East St Louis.  This will hopefully help you feel comfortable.

Dress Appropriately:

Strip clubs most likely have a dress code.  Like many restaurants or other public venues, have a no shoes- no shirt -no service policy.   It really depends on the strip club, but usually this means you can’t show up with flip flops, sleeveless shirts and hats. Dress comfortable but nice.  Jeans are acceptable at most clubs, maybe not at the fanciest clubs.  Many clubs in colder climate offer coat checks as well.  You should always call first if you’re not sure. 


Bring Cash

Some strip clubs have service fees and unless you don’t mind paying those fees, bring cash. This is a tipping Industry. Upon your first visit, expect to pay for an admission fee and maybe parking.  Some clubs offer free parking and valet like most staff in the club work on tips.   


Day Time vs Night Time Visits

If you are too nervous about crowds or don't have that much money to spend for a visit, perhaps you prefer a dayshift visit for your first time.  Most clubs open during the day offer Happy Hour special and discounted lunch.  Some clubs are not so crowded early in the day so you are most likely to get a special treatment from wait staff and entertainers who most likely have time to sit around and chit chat with you.  If you are looking for louder music, fast pace and more girls, then the night shift is for you.



Many clubs have a no picture policy at all times.  If the girls or security see you take out your phone to take pictures you might get a visit from a few  friendly bouncers who will want to make sure you delete those pictures.  If you want to capture your fist club visit in a picture, find a floor host or waitress and ask them to take a picture of you and your friends.  They might be persuaded to help you out since its them taking the picture for you and they’ll make sure no pictures of the girls are taken.  If you have a nice enough entertainer sitting with you, she might even be okay with being in the picture.  Just make sure you ask first!  Remember these girls have private lives and do not want to be exposed.


Purchase A Beverage

If you don't like alcohol you do not have to buy one.  You may purchase a soda, bottled water or any non-alcoholic beverage.  If you really don’t want to purchase anything, don’t expect to sit at a table and not order anything.  Tables are for customers that order food or beverages.  May people like to stand around and walk around since many clubs have many stages offering different forms of entertainment.   


Sitting At The Stage

Customers that sit on the stage usually do so to see all the different types of girls performing at the club.  Topless clubs only allow topless dancing, some bikini clubs allow dancing with no nudity and full nude clubs are just that, fully nude.  Guys who sit at the stage may not like to buy lap dances but enjoy stuffing dollar bills into garters on stage to all the girls who perform.   


We hope these tips help you on your first experience visiting a strip club in the East St Louis area.  Hope you have a great first experience in our town St Louis.